Maryland dog to receive prestigious award for saving thousands of lives in Afghanistan

A Maryland dog will receive a presigious award for saving thousands of live in Afghanistan.PNG
Summer, an 8-year-old Yellow Labrador, will receive a presigious award for saving thousands of lives in Afghanistan.{ } Tuesday, July 10, 2018. (ABC7 photo){ }

For Sgt. Micah Jones with the Amtrak Police Department, his 8-year-old Yellow Labrador, Summer, isn’t just man’s best friend. The duo work alongside one another every day.

“When I get up and get ready, put my uniform on, I put the harness on, she knows she’s ready to go,” Jones said.

Summer hasn’t always done inspections at Washington Union Station alongside Jones.

“She’s working. She’s constantly working,” Jones said as he and the canine walked through the station.

Summer, from Frederick County, deployed to Afghanistan with the Marines.

“She’s been in firefights. She’s found IEDs and VBEDs and it’s just an honor to work—that an animal like that saved thousands and thousands of lives.”

Now, she’s up for an award for her service.

“It would mean a lot to give her the recognition that she rightfully deserves,” Jones said.

She’s up for the American Humane Hero Dog Awards in the military category.

“Just the mere fact that she did all that and did all that in the past, I got a real admiration for her,” he said.

Voting for the award wraps up July 11.

You can learn more about the awards here.