Acura recalls 325K MDXs over bad taillights

2019 Acura MDX Sport Hybrid (Image courtesy of American Honda Motor Co.)

Filings released by the NHTSA on Tuesday reveal that Acura will recall nearly 325,000 crossover SUVs to fix their faulty taillights.

The recall covers 2014 through 2019 Acura MDX crossover SUVs. In the filings, Acura said that gaskets used between the taillights and the vehicle's tailgate sheet metal may deform due to variations in the manufacturing process. Low temperatures can accelerate the gasket's deformation and provide the chance for moisture to enter, which may cause the light to stop functioning.

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In some cases, Acura said the moisture may also cause a short circuit and blow a fuse. If this happens, the driver will notice a loss of lighting not only in the taillight, but for some interior lighting elements and other exterior lights.

The flaw applies to portions of the taillight attached to the crossover SUVs' tailgates, not their bodies.

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Acura instructed its dealers to replace either or both taillights altogether or to install new gaskets and wiring sub-harnesses to prevent the problem from reoccurring. Total replacement or new parts will be determined by the extent of the damage to the taillight.

Owners will receive notification if their vehicles are subject to the recall by mail on or before April 29.

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